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Mission & Philosophy


The mission of Cape Coast Volleyball Club, CCVC, is to develop volleyball skills in athletes through a fun, positive, and competitive athletic experience.  CCVC strives to teach players the value of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline and leadership so that every athlete has the opportunity to be the best they can be.


To develop interest and encourage participation

To provide each athlete a high level of technical training

To maintain a positive teamwork environment to further their social, mental and athletic development

To be a first class program displaying good sportsmanship

To teach athletes life skills through this positive experience

To expose athletes to collegiate volleyball programs through recruiting efforts


Child Centered Coaching is the philosophy that emphasizes the importance of helping children develop their positive overall self-image through sports. So many good personality traits can be developed through sports: leadership, hard work...pays off....., hustle, teamwork, the feeling of success, etc. The concept that when we do not succeed, we must get back up and try again until we do succeed.

The philosophy of CCVC is that if an athlete is giving their personal best, then they are successful, regardless of the outcome of the immediate competition. CCVC will focus on the helping athletes learn how to "compete" in all situations, which means giving them the tools to do their personal best to accomplish success. Success is much more than winning matches or championships, success is understanding that if you give your very best effort, good things will happen. Winning isn’t everything.... trying your best to be a success is everything.